Electronic data collection (electronic communications)


General information


  • Business undertakings in electronic communications (hereinafter “business undertakings”) are obliged to provide the CTU with information according to Section 115 of the Electronic Communications Act at the request of CTU.
  • The obligation to submit the information in electronic format through the Electronic Data Collection system (hereinafter “EDC”) to CTU is laid down in Article 2 Paragraph 1 Point c) of the general authorisation VO-S/1/07.2005-9, laying down the terms and conditions for the provision of electronic communication services, as amended, and in Article 2 Paragraph 2 Point c) of the general authorisation VO-S/2/07.2005-10, laying down the conditions for securing public communication networks and associated facilities, as amended. 
  • Business undertakings which provide a public communication network or provide a publicly available electronic communication service are obliged to provide CTU with records of operating and localisation data to the extent laid down in Section 97(10) of the Electronic Communications Act in electronic format according to subsection 11.
  • The obligation to provide CTU with the required information is only discharged by submitting the requisite forms in electronic format via EDC and not by sending them on paper or by e-mail.
  • EDC provides the electronic transfer of data by way of secured protocol using the prepared forms. EDC and the relevant electronic forms are available at CTU’s website: https://monitoringtrhu.ctu.cz
  • After successfully registering in EDC, a business undertaking will be regularly informed of the location of new forms and the deadlines for submitting them. This information is provided in an e-mail sent to the contact address.
  • Forms are invariably posted for the period which follows the date which the business undertaking reported as being the date of commencing communication activity.
  • CTU collects the information required for statistical findings as part of the state statistical service in the interests of minimising the administrative burden on business undertakings from the forms that also serve to gather data for analyses of the relevant markets and international reporting.
  • CTU passes on the information obtained to international organisations, in particular the institutions of the European Union, most commonly the European Commission. The European Statistics Code of Practice is available at the Eurostat website in Czech here and in English here.
  • For regular data collection, CTU does not collect address information of electronic communication providers' customers. For mapping the new generation networks in the Czech Republic, CTU needs to collect information on the equipment of address points determined by the type of infrastructure, within the meaning of equivalent to mapping of the connectivity of places, or address points of civil engineering assets.

Authorization to collect data is under Section 115 of the Electronic Communications Act which provides that obliged person, i.e. undertaking in electonic communications provides CTU on its request and in given reasonable period, form and range with complete and correct information including financial and other data necessary to fulfilment of the activity, to which CTU is authorized. In accordance with Section 115(2) of the Electronic Communications Act obliged person provides CTU also with information, data and files with personal infromation, information which are subject of business secret, or information which are under a protection according to special legal provision.

CTU handle the obtained data in accordance with law, paying attention especially to right handling of personal information and business secret.

How to fill out ART forms (in CZ language only)

Form ART212 - Services provided in electronic communications
  • The list of address points according to RÚIAN must be used to prepare the file in CSV format that is used to import geographical data to individual annexes of form ART212. You will find the individual files containing the list of address points maintained in RÚIAN here. Files with the codes of address points are divided into individual municipalities and are generated monthly.

Form BH21 - Geographical data on connection and distribution optical fibre networks and their hand-over points


Files are available only in czech version.