The European Regulators Group for Postal Services (ERGP) was established by Commission Decision of 10 August 2010.


The group serves as an advisory and consultative body of the European Commission in the field of postal services; facilitates cooperation among independent regulatory authorities (NRAs) of each Member State, and between NRAs and the Commission. Its aim is to consolidate the internal market for postal services and to ensure the consistent application of the Directive on postal services.


ERGP is composed of 27 representatives from EU Member States. Commission, EFTA Surveillance Authority, EEA countries and EU candidate countries participate as permanent observers. The head of ERGP is the Chairperson elected from among ERGP Members. The work of ERGP is organized into specialized Expert Working Groups.


The Group and its sub-groups shall normally meet on Commission's premises in accordance with the procedures and schedule set by the Commission. The Group may, with the agreement of the Commission's representative, also invite on an ad hoc basis other experts and observers to attend meetings.