Extension of Professional Competence Certificate

Before expiration of the professional competence certificate, it is possible to request its prolongation. It could be done electronically (interactively – Form 9, electronic signatur or data mailbox required), in writing, or by personal delivery of the printed form (contacts here). The following principles apply: 

CTU may only decide to extend the validity of a certificate only during the period of validity of the certificate concerned and after the payment of the relevant administrative fee. The application to extend the period of validity of a certificate must be delivered to CTU not later than one month before the date of expiration of the validity of that certificate.

Enclose the following with the application:

  • confirmation or declaration (part of the application) that you worked for a minimum of one year in the past five years as an operator at stations for the operation of which the specified type of certificate is required;
  • a double-sided copy of a valid competence certificate for a skipper (e.g. Small vessel skipper certificate, Competence certificate to captain a seafaring yacht, Rhine patent etc.) or a pilot licence, but only in case that you only document your practice as an operator in the recent period with a declaration and not confirmation from, e.g. an employer.
  • one up-to-date photograph in 35 x 45 mm format. The technical parameters of the photograph must correspond to the parameters of photographs required for the issue of a citizen’s ID card (with the exception of amateur radiocommunication service certificates);
  • a copy of a document (information) of having paid an administration fee of CZK 200.
    (Note: if the application to extend the period of validity of a certificate is delivered to CTU less than 30 days prior to the expiration of the period of validity, the applicant may be called on to pay an additional administrative fee of CZK 200.)

If the period of validity of a professional competence certificate has expired, a new certificate may be issued within one year of the expiration of its validity if the applicant submit the application with confirmation that they operated the radio transmitting equipment for which the certificate was issued for at least two years during the period of validity of the certificate. In this case, an administrative fee must be paid in the amount of CZK 400. A (renewed) certificate is issued to the applicant based on an application (Form 9 – “Application for the extension of the period of validity/the issue of a special competence certificate”. Reason for issue of certificate: The issue of a new certificate within one year of the expiration of the period of validity of the original certificate).

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