Legislation and rules


  • Recommendations of technical specifications of digital receiver sets and equipment required to ensure problem-free reception of terrestrial digital television broadcasting in the Czech Republic.
    D-Book (August 2016)
  • Government Order No. 161/2008 Coll., on the technical plan for the transition from terrestrial analogue television broadcasting to terrestrial digital television broadcasting (Government Order on the Technical Plan for Transition).
    Collection of Laws, Chapter 51/2008 (20 MB) – See No. 161/2008 Coll.
  • Government Order No. 154/2005 Coll., on determining the amount and method of calculating charges for using radio frequencies and numbers, as amended.
  • Decree No. 163/2008 Coll., on the method of determining coverage by terrestrial television broadcasting signal.
    Collection of Laws, Chapter 51/2008 (20 MB) – See No.163/2008 Coll.
  • Measure of a General Nature No. SP/4/07.2011-13, which determines the identification marking of networks, data flows and services in the terrestrial digital television broadcasting network.
  • Database of service ID identifiers for specific services

database of identifiers DVB

database of identifiers DAB

(updated 29.04.2019)