PRESS RELEASE: The Government appointed a new member of CTU Council

Prague, 9 March 2020 – The Czech Government appointed Mr. Marek Ebert, long-standing Director of Regulation Section, a new member of Czech Telecommunication Office Council.

As of 1 April 2020, the CTU Council will be complete. Mr. Marek Ebert was appointed a member of CTU Council on todays government meeting. He will take up the vacant place after the previous CTU Council Chair, Mr. Jaromír Novák.

“The fact that the CTU Council is once again complete means its action will improve. The Council’s priorities are clearly defined. It is now also up to Mr. Marek Ebert to move CTU forward and alongside his colleagues to contribute to the efficient telecommunication market including making mobile data prices cheaper for everyone,” said Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Mr. Petr Očko.

“The collaboration with Marek Ebert has always been constructive and his expertise will be with no doubt a great contribution to the Council”, adds the CTU Council Chair, Ms. Hana Továrková.

Mr. Marek Ebert has been working at CTU since 1993, when CTU was still a part of the former Ministry of Economy. Initially, he worked as Head of Department for North Bohemian Region, since 2001 he held a post of Director of Department for Regulation of Telecommunications Networks and Services, and since 2007 he is the Director of Regulation Section.

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