Radio spectrum management strategy

Radio Spectrum Management Strategy of 2015 presents intended measures to create the conditions under which the objectives of the state policy known as Digital Czech shall be achieved.

The Strategy counts on measures to support and develop high-speed Internet access, including other applications provided through high-speed mobile or fixed networks. The proposed steps primarily lead to a broadening of the availability of other parts of the radio spectrum for these services, both for licensed and non-licensed utilisation of broadband access networks.

For the purposes of ongoing evaluation of the fulfilment of objectives, CTU prepared two situation reports on the state of fulfilment of the Strategy measurements. The first Situation Report on the state of fulfilment of the Strategy measurements was approved by the Government of the Czech Republic in 2018. The second Situation Report was discussed by CTU Council in August 2022 (this second report was not discussed by the Government). Both Reports are available in CZ only.

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